eg technology and Calcivis receive honourable mention

eg technology, the specialist design and development consultancy based in Cambridge, UK, is celebrating after being given an honourable mention in The European Product Design Awards for its work with CALCIVIS on their dental imaging system.

CALCIVIS dental imaging system.

Calcivis provides dentists with engaging, real-time, chair-side images of early-stage tooth decay, supporting a preventive approach to oral care. Tooth decay is the world’s most common non-communicable disease, with a global prevalence of 35%.

Calcivis and eg technology worked together to design the hand-held diagnostic system, which sprays a special ‘photoprotein’ onto the tooth surface and then detects a luminescent flash from any decaying regions. The ergonomic design combines a high specification imaging system within the wireless, handheld probe, which is small enough to fit comfortably into the patient’s mouth.

The European Product Design Awards (ePDA) recognise the efforts of talented international product and industrial designers who aim to improve consumers’ daily lives with practical, well-thought-out creations. ePDA shares the innovative and ground-breaking products with the world.

eg technology Co-Founder, Danny Godfrey, states: “For our work with Calcivis to be recognised by ePDA is a true testament to the expertise of our team of engineers. We work very closely with our clients and build strategic, collaborative relationships, which are key to our ongoing success. Our engineers have amazing problem-solving skills that enable us to take clever ideas and, using the right technology, turn them into real, working products. We were able to put a complete, proven product development process at our client’s disposal, providing the experience, the people and the systems necessary for a successful outcome“.

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