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Ludo Chapman, The Innovation Practice

With the help of Indie Cambridge - the community of ‘real’ Cambridge - Cambridge Network continues its exploration of the best independent businesses, people, shops, cafés, restaurants, venues and events in Cambridge and the surrounding area. This week: The Innovation Practice, another Cambridge Network member.

Independent businesses come in all shapes and sizes. From individuals like artists and makers through to hotels and restaurants - and pretty much everything in between. Whatever the size or shape of the indie, if it's being run as a 'proper' business, there is one common question each one will, at some point, ask - how can I do things better?

A simple question maybe, but not always an easy one to find an answer to. Managing the day-to-day tasks required can often obscure the bigger picture and the strategic view needed to take a business forward. This is exactly what The Innovation Practice can help people to do.

Founded and run by Ludo Chapman, The Innovation Practice designs bespoke workshops and training sessions to get businesses thinking more strategically and turning these ideas into actions. Ludo himself has over 30 years' personal experience to call on, having set up and successfully sold a software training organisation before becoming CEO of local scientific instrument company, Grant Instruments. Now with The Innovation Practice, Ludo can immerse himself in the aspect of business he loves passionately - being involved in the challenge of helping others to succeed. He couples this with his love of Cambridge, with his incredible connections, and his belief in learning from others, which means he always knows someone who has complementary skills to bring to the party.

Believing in this power of collaboration as well as the local independent scene has led Ludo to the doors of Indie Cambridge and to becoming our business strategist. Listening to our challenges and really understanding them, we have worked together to create a framework and a plan for how we can do things better. And just as valuable as his experience is his energy, enthusiasm and genuine interest in people as well as business, as he loves to keep in contact and give people the chance to pause and celebrate their success.

The Innovation Practice


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