How to nourish leaders for growth and change

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Right now, growth leaders are like seedlings in need of sunlight. You have got game changing ideas, but you need nurturing to thrive and grow (your business). 

The problem? Traditional paths to leadership growth—think pricey mentorships or large investment team programmes— are out of reach. 

We hear you, our open courses are designed to address these immediate challenges and feed your roots to fuel your growth.

Hitting the leadership threshold

In our experience, there is a research backed, critical point where leadership becomes mission critical, and combining our research with the practical experience with over 600 leaders, we have identified the fundamental leadership areas to work on for business results:

Leadership components listing
Source: Analysis by the Horizon37 and Cranfield School of Management research team of: interviews held with 30 scale-up business leaders; validation conversations with 40 leaders; survey results; and literature review to identify the hierarchy of leadership components post-Leadership Proliferation Threshold, published January 2022

 Our open courses cover your top challenges, addressing essential leadership components: 

  • How to give and receive feedback effectively
  • Cultivating a positive workplace culture
  • Making decisions that stick
  • Having influential coaching conversations
  • Pruning your leadership approach for optimal growth.
Open to All

We understand — money's tight, and time is precious. That's why we've made our open courses accessible and affordable. Plus, if you sign up this May, you can get a subsidized rate, making it even easier to nourish your soil and cultivate growth.

Get Real, Get Results

Our open courses aren't about fluffy theories. They're about rolling up your sleeves and tackling real-world business problems head-on. We know that time away from your business is precious so we commit to making sure everything you do with us will be valuable. You'll see results right away, making an impact where it counts—in your day-to-day work.

The Power of Peer Connectivity

Peer connections are an important factor for future growth; there’s lots of research out there, we’d like to point to that done by the Scale Up Institute. We see this again and again in our work with cross business cohorts (the RAEng Shott Scale Up Accelerator Programme for example). Our open courses are all about building connections. You'll meet other leaders facing the same challenges as you, creating a network of support that extends far beyond the duration of the day.  

Easy Sign-Up 

We've made signing up a breeze. No paperwork- just a few clicks, and you're booked in, allowing you to focus your energy on what really matters: your growth and development as a leader.

Wrapping It Up

Blossom into your leadership potential effortlessly with our open courses. By investing in your growth and development, you are building a stronger, more resilient business poised for results in the ever-evolving business landscape. Don't hesitate— equip yourself to be on your A-game when it matters.

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