Key HR trends in 2021

Jon Luckhurst, Director of Cambridge Network training partner Development Group International, shares a recent paper outlining key trends and considerations in HR and L&D, gathered from insights over the past year.

Roadway with Trends written on it

COVID has upended many traditional HR practices. Some of the most important challenges faced by HR managers are due to ongoing shifts in talent management that have accelerated during the crisis. There is an increased reliance on technology whici has altered employee expectations of their employer and today this is proving to be the cornerstone for Working from Home.

But let's not forget that for many HR teams, the focus has been on maintaining operations. The long-term impact on culture and HR issues has yet to be measured or even resolved.

Some Key HR Trends

  1. Leadership - taking responsibility for failures, new models for well-rounded leaders and specialists2. Culture – building trust and maintaining values in all key groups

  2. Thriving in a Crisis – seeking out those whose optimism and energy in a crisis will empower others

  3. Return to Office - creating the best fit for individual work re quirements, personality, home needs and the business. 1 size will not fit all

  4. New Structures - leaner and meaner HR!

  5. Combatting Detachment - maintaining connections, commitment and engagement, social networking, fighting talent theft and burnout, building communities

  6. Skills Mapping – with shrinking talent pools and rapid skills re dundancy identifying future potential closer to home

  7. Empowering Performance - shifting from a policing approach to work

  8. New Pathways for Development – embracing technology and informal development

  9. Personalisation of the work experience to improve engagement, net working and moving towards creating communities

  10. Digital tracking to monitor progress but also provide a listening architecture

View the full paper here


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