Marshall presents deployable infrastructure at Combat Engineer & Logistics in Warsaw, Poland

Marshall, a leading designer, developer, manufacturer and provider of deployable operational infrastructure for both military and civil operations, will participate in the three-day Combat Engineering and Logistics Conference (CEL) in Warsaw, Poland, that opens on 12 March.

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As Poland continues to invest in the development and modernisation of its military capabilities, the Polish Armed Forces will require sufficient logistical capabilities to ensure the effective support, deployment and operation of the air, land and naval systems that are under procurement. A crucial requirement of military capability is deployability – meaning the ability to transport and move key equipment to where it is needed, when it is needed.

Lee Doherty MBE, Director of Business Development and Sales at Marshall, will address the CEL conference and take part in the panel discussion Enabling a more mobile military, which will discuss the importance of mobility to an operational army, drawing on lessons learned from Ukraine and the experience of NATO armed forces.

“Poland is currently progressing an impressively wide range of defence programmes that are designed to deter and defend. Such large programmes require adequate ‘back-office’ logistical support to enable their operational deployment, which is what we at Marshall can provide,” said Doherty. “I look forward to meeting Polish partners
during CEL in Warsaw.”

Headquartered in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Marshall has developed a range of mobile container and storage solutions that enable the rapid operational deployment of logistical infrastructure, including mobile workshops to support armoured vehicle and main battle tank formations, and ammunition containers to support the rapid deployment of artillery. The company currently supplies the armed forces of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium.

Marshall’s deployable infrastructure includes the Advanced Containerised CT Scanner (ACCTS), highly secure command and control shelters, mobile field hospitals, containerised CBRN facilities and Uncrewed Aerial Solutions (UAS) that comprise storage, maintenance and flight control stations in one expandable container.

For the support of civil infrastructure, Marshall has also developed a ground-breaking ecosystem of resident autonomous Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that provide dynamic and on-demand offshore inspection services.

Lilypad utilises artificial intelligence and navigational sensors to create a world-leading integrated capability that powers the offshore wind industry with cutting-edge robotics and data.

"It is an honour to represent Marshall once again at CEL, an important event for the logistics of the armed forces,” said Doherty. “During my panel I will show how Marshall solutions have a positive impact on efficient logistics.”

Image: Courtesy of Marshall Group 

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