Prospective Mayor Peter Dawe seeks Peterborough running mate


Cambridgeshire-based social entrepreneur Peter Dawe, who has already declared his intention to seek election as Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mayor next May, is seeking a Peterborough-based co-mayor to partner him.

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The new elected Mayor will have a wide range of powers over spacial and transport planning, higher education and social services. The newly created position comes with a promised “dowry” of over £70m from central government for investment in the region.

Peter Dawe is running on a platform of innovation and rapid delivery for services that the citizens of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough want. He has already proposed innovations in transport, housing and social care, with ideas on funding and education to be announced shortly. As Mayor, Peter Dawe will use social media to gauge the views of the local electorate, thus ensuring that he delivers on what has been asked of him.

Peter said, “While I have a good understanding of rural, market town and Cambridge city issues, I am weak on the special nature of Peterborough. By seeking a Peterborough-based running mate I plan to rectify this and the general issue of resilience. I believe Peterborough is too important be under just a 'deputy mayor'!"

Dawe believes that his ideal running mate is unlikely to be affiliated to an existing political party nor to have been directly involved with local government. They will have experience in delivering change, most likely through roles in business or as a social entrepreneur.

Anyone interested should email 

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Peter Dawe OBE. Social entrepreneur and successful businessman. Believer in people empowerment. Seeking to become first Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

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