Specialists in rare diseases launch multi-agency offer called n=1

Five agencies, powered by the Omnicom Group, launches a new offer called n=1 to support clients and organisations working specifically in the rare disease community.

n=1 rare disease agency

This unique agency collective is spearheaded by senior leads at agencies CDM, Portland Communications, Synergy, Customer Faithful and Lumen. Together, the agencies combine decades of experience working across the rare disease landscape. 

Identifying a unique client need, and rich experience within each agency’s Healthcare teams, n=1 combines different specialist insight to build a tailored, intimate and useful approach to tackle the challenges faced by those living with and treating rare diseases. 

n=1 will offer clients the opportunity to access expert counsel from all agencies when desired, at any point on their journey, on issues from how to best utilise AI in understanding patient experience, to how grassroots advocacy is reshaping market access – and everything in between. 

Jon Linscott, Partnership Development Director, CDM, said, “We’re a collective group of communication and engagement experts, united by a passionate belief that engagement and communications in rare diseases demands specific multi-disciplinary skills to meet the unique needs and opportunities of our clients.”

 “R&D in rare diseases often pushes the boundaries of our medical knowledge” said Jenny Carrington-Elson, Director, Portland Communications. “By partnering together as n=1, we want to focus on communicating the science and value of these ground-breaking innovations, while listening to the individual patient experience. We believe this offers life-changing opportunities to tackle the enormous challenges faced by the rare disease community.”

The collective will provide end-to-end communication and engagement services: from using AI to map patient journeys, to market-shaping activities, to social media attitudinal mapping, to changing the way healthcare systems recognise and reimburse rare conditions, to full integrated campaigns and grassroots advocacy – and beyond. 

The n=1 team can be contacted for a chat at https://www.n-equals-1.com/



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