Third Light sponsors prize for Information or Computer Engineering at Trinity Hall

In 2018 Third Light sponsored an endowed prize at Trinity Hall, the fifth oldest College at the University of Cambridge, founded in 1350. The College consists of around 650 students, both undergraduates and graduates across a range of subjects; 60 Fellows, 130 staff and 8,000 alumni worldwide.

The prize will be awarded to a third-year student specialising in Information or Computer engineering, based on their results in the end of year exams. Prize winners will be listed in the annual publication the “Trinity Hall Review”.

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The Master of the College, Revd Dr Jeremy Morris highlights the importance of academic prizes:

"Trinity Hall aims to inspire all its students to achieve the highest possible standards of academic attainment. Academic Prizes provide an excellent means of encouraging – and recognising – aspiration and attainment and are warmly valued by both students and prospective employers."

Fellow and Director of Studies in Engineering Dr Ramji Venkataramanan explains the importance of being able to recognise academic ability within this area of engineering:

"With the growing importance of computing and data science, Information and Computer Engineering has become a very popular subject area within Cambridge Engineering. Many elective modules in this area consistently have enrolments of 100+ students. The Third Light Prize is timely, and it recognises the achievements of the best Trinity Hall students in this competitive subject."

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Michael Wells (1997), now Managing Director at Third Light and Ben Holland (1997), now Development Director at Third Light, both studied engineering at Trinity Hall in the late 1990s.

Ben tells us:

"In a world where computing and information science dominate our everyday lives, it’s important to promote excellence in these disciplines. I’m glad we can support the students of Trinity Hall and encourage the next generation to take us into an even more exciting future."

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Trinity Hall typically has around 35 undergraduate students and six Fellows in engineering. The engineering society holds an end of year subject dinner in College which Third Light will also be sponsoring in 2019.

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