Volunteers change lives - a new video demonstrates the power of volunteering.

Alex, one of our regular volunteer Lead Cooks

A new video, produced by the brilliant team at Volunteer Cambs, gave three volunteers at Crossways an opportunity to talk about their experiences, how they felt more connected to the community and able to make a difference for our guests.

The guests taught me how easy it is, if circumstances go against you, that you find yourself homeless and sleeping on the streets.

As in previous years, we partnered with community organisations including the Cambridge Churches Homelessness Project (CCHP), student societies and individuals to recruit and train a team of 100+ people to supplement the support offered by ITAC and Evolve security staff.

Many volunteers returned for a second, or even third year, demonstrating how much they valued and enjoyed the experience.

I think it's one of the most rewarding things that we can do - to have the opportunity to help others.

Contact us, or look on the Volunteers Cambs portal for the latest information about volunteering at Crossways or The Haven.

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