Wisbech modular homes – we need them now



The government has announced that they see factory built homes (modular) being an important contributor to resolving the housing crisis. With 10,000s a year needed, home factories need to be built urgently. Wisbech is an ideal location for such a factory, according to Prospective Mayor Peter Dawe.


 Peter Dawe believes Wisbech is the ideal location for a £100m modular homes factory.

Wisbech is an ideal location for such a factory.  It has easy access to all the bulk building materials, a suitable workforce and direct access to Peterborough, Cambridge and Norwich  -some of the main growth areas in England.

As Mayor, he would select several potential sites and offer them to entrepreneurs and existing companies as their main factory.  He would seek to direct post-18 skills and training provision to service the industry. And to seed fund R&D efforts to improve the quality of these homes and the efficiency in building and transporting them.

He would mandate that the homes are transported outside peak hours on roads widened for the purpose.

Wisbech needs to grab opportunities like this to make them happen!

Image: Wisbech Coat of Arms


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