L’OREAL is the world leader in the cosmetic industry and continues to be a science and innovation driven company since its creation more than 110 years. It was created by a startup entrepreneur, Eugene Schueller, who started to develop in his garage an innovative hair coloration. Since then, innovation and entrepreneurship have been the DNA of L’Oreal with a motto: ‘seize what starts’ to create the beauty that moves the world. With a world in constant change and evolution, L’Oreal wants to be at the forefront to create the Future of Beauty that will be sustainable and inclusive. We believe that new tech & innovative business models are going to profoundly change the beauty consumer experience for the better.

About Open Innovation
Now, more than ever, we need to identify and capture different external sources of innovation in order to face this fast-moving world, to satisfy our consumers, to keep pace with the acceleration of technologies and to meet our sustainability objectives. 

That is why our international Research Open Innovation team has been structured with a clear focus on Deeptech Startups – an incredible ecosystem that fosters disruptive innovation and can create the Future of Beauty.
Our role is to explore game-changing technologies wherever they come from, whatever the initial application, and to select those that could fulfil our main challenges. Our objective is to transform the best science into concepts and the best concepts into beauty and well-being.

The Open Innovation team brings together both scientific (chemistry, biology, green sciences, physics, material sciences, optics, biotechnology…) and business expertise.

We are dedicated to startup collaborations to make every partnership a successful journey. We are entrepreneurs and we support entrepreneurs!

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