How do you justify your investments in customer experience?

Chris Dunn Consulting Services writes...we've just witnessed the biggest drop in customer satisfaction ever* So why is it that we have to work so hard to justify investing in customer experience?


This scenario plays out all the time...

1. Not enough resources are invested in listening to and acting on the voice of the customer.

2. Customer dissatisfaction increases and the operational efficiency of customer-facing teams plummets.

3. Complaints go up and reputational damage ensues.

4. Companies respond by investing retrospectively to fix the issues that have been allowed to develop.

This is a negative and wholly avoidable downward spiral.

Companies that are winning the customer experience battleground view take to take a holistic view of the benefits of CX and view ROI as part of a continuous virtuous cycle.

This virtuous cycle is the exact opposite of the negative spiral that 48% of UK companies have got caught up in over the last 12 months.

The customer experience ROI cycle comprises these five interlocking and reinforcing steps:

1. Customer insights and data acquisition.

2. Customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Revenue growth and repeat sales.

4. Process improvements and operational efficiency.

5. Positive engagement and brand equity.

There's more information on each of these steps in this freely downloadable presentation.

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*According to UKCSI customer satisfaction has dropped to its lowest level since 2015 and 48% of companies have declined by at least 2 points.

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