Our vision is the creation of an ecosystem of organisations across the Cambridgeshire region who are collaborating to learn.

The Learning Collaboration works on behalf of Cambridge Network members, collaborating to organise, purchase and share training and management development opportunities.  Our aim is to provide you with improved access to high quality professional training courses at value-for-money prices.

We also offer several other services by invitation:

  • Free advice and support with the training function to busy HR Managers or other responsible staff in member organisations
  • Peer learning for diverse groups – ranging from CEOs and managers to software leaders and technical directors – enabling knowledge sharing in a trusted environment
  • Regular meetings and events to network, learn more together about aspects of training, development and HR, and feed back on courses

Whatever your organisation's size or outlook, we are sure you will find the Learning Collaboration highly valuable. To find out more or to discuss your training needs, please contact learning@cambridgenetwork.co.uk

Cambridge Network Learning Collaboration: Your Trusted Partner for Learning & Growth

Cambridge Network Learning Collaboration is a certified CPD points provider for training registered with The CPD Standards Office.
CPD Accredited Courses

Upcoming CoursesSee a printable list

Effective Communication

From: 11 September 2018

Business Plan Writing

From: 12 September 2018

Employee Benefits Communication

From: 13 September 2018

Employee Benefit and Design

From: 13 September 2018

Time Management

From: 18 September 2018

Why use us for training?

  • High quality trusted trainers
  • Convenient local venues
  • Value for money



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